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Oktavianus Audi
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IHSG (12/9) ditutup melemah tipis setelah sempat low menyentuh previous low atau support saat ini dilevel 5776, potensi jangka pendek masih berpeluang untuk menguat meski akan terbatas dengan target jangka menengah menuju 6070-6110.

Untuk hari ini saham yang dapat diperhatikan: INCO, ASRI, RALS

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Oktavianus Audi

Oktavianus Audi

Riena Kirana
FR CGS-CIMB (YU) : Banks | PDF
Benign competition in TD from diverging loan growth trends between big and medium-sized banks
OVERWEIGHT - Maintained
Author(s):Jovent GIOVANNY +62 (21) 3006 1727, Timothy HANDERSON


■ In contrast to 2013, big banks are currently more aggressive in raising term deposit (TD) rates compared to medium-sized banks.
■ Based on our observations, BBCA has hiked the most YTD (+125bp) while BBRI has been the most aggressive in terms of special rates – due to its high LDR.
■ We think the differences stem from diverging loan growth and asset quality trends between the big and medium-sized banks.
■ We also think liquidity in medium-sized banks is relatively better (in terms of LDR and secondary reserves balance), suggesting minimal TD competition going forward.
■ We think current liquidity conditions remain relatively ample to support growth. Maintain Overweight; BBNI and BBTN are our picks. Risk is Rupiah depreciation.
Riena Kirana
FR CGS-CIMB (YU) : Perusahaan Gas Negara | PDF
The new boss from Pertamina
PGAS IJ / PGAS.JK | HOLD - Maintained | Rp2,020.00 tp:Rp1,980.00
Mkt.Cap:US$3,304.00m | Avg.Daily Vol:US$10.25m | Free Float:43.00%
Gas Transmission & Dist
Author(s):Aurelia BARUS +62 (21) 3006 1721, Namira LAHUDDIN


■ Mr. Gigih Perkasa, an ex-Director of Planning, Investments, and Risk Management at PT. Pertamina (Persero) has been appointed as PGAS’s new CEO.
■ He joins his Pertamina colleague who became PGAS’ CFO in Apr 2018. According to local new reports, Mr. Gigih is specifically tasked with integrating Pertagas into PGAS.
■ The change in PGAS’s controlling shareholder, from government of Indonesia to Pertamina, arguably raises risks for PGAS’s minority shareholders.
Ray YP